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3rd SIG Meeting – Materials and Microfluidics

Loughborough University, 17th December 2018



In recent years, advances and innovation in microfluidic technologies have offered new exciting opportunities for the manufacturing of advanced and high-value-added products, such as functional and complex-shaped nano/micro-particles, crystals, fibres, artificial cells/tissues, etc. This meeting brings together engineers and scientists – both from industry and academia ­– who are interested to explore the behaviour of fluids and materials confined in micro/nano-channels and how this can be harnessed to develop smart manufacturing technologies. We will address current technological challenges of microfabrication platforms, especially scalability and throughput, to unlock the full potential of microfluidic technologies in areas such as drug delivery, drug/cell encapsulation, smart food and chemicals productions, bio-analysis and diagnostics.

Event organisers

Dr Goran Vladisavljević, Loughborough University,
Dr Guido Bolognesi, Loughborough University, 
Dr Lorenzo Botto, Queen Mary University of London 

Invited Speakers

Invited speakers include representatives from Dolomite Microfluidics, Micropore Technologies and Microcaps. The academic group leaders, attending the meeting, are invited to give a short talk to present their research work/interests to the SIG community.

Speakers from industry


Pavel Abdulkin is the head of Particle Works (a Blacktrace company). After completing his Masters and PhD courses at Cambridge University Pavel has co-founded several technology startups including N4O a company that specialized in removal of liquid rocket fuel in mobile continuous flow reactors. Pavel is currently responsible for business development of Particle Works and Dolomite microfluidics brands.

Dolomite (a Blacktrace company) specializes in design, development and fabrication of continuous flow microfluidic instruments, systems and reagent kits for generation of particles targeted at the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry.



Alessandro Ofner is a co-founder of Microcaps. He finished this fall his PhD studies in Materials Science at ETH Zurich. Before starting his PhD, he completed his Master’s thesis at Harvard on the production of double emulsions.

Microcaps is a Swiss startup and produces microparticles and microcapsules at high throughput massively upscaled microfluidics.



Alex Kerr is the principal technologist at Micropore Technologies. Following the completion of his Masters at the University of Sussex, he started to work in encapsulation, becoming principal scientist for encapsulation technologies at Lambson Ltd. He now works on encapsulation and formulation development using Micropore Technologies equipment across a range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to agrochemicals and more.

Micropore Technologies Ltd was established in 2003 as a high-technology spin-out of Loughborough University, and specialise in providing equipment for membrane emulsification and microencapsulation, at volumes ranging from lab R&D to large-scale continuous production.


Who can attend

Attendance is open to anyone interested.


Loughborough University Campus, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3TU, UK
West Park Teaching Hub, Room WPT009. To find the West Park Teaching Hub, click on the campus map here or search for “West Park Teaching Hub, Loughborough” on google maps.

Directions from Loughborough railway station:  Take Sprint bus from Loughborough railway station (£2,00 one-way ticket) and get off at “STEMLab” bus stop.



To register, click on the Evenbrite link here and complete your registration by Monday the 10th of December. Registration is mandatory, as it enables us to ensure that the meeting room and catering services are appropriate for the size of the audience, and that decision regarding the organisation of the event can be made prior to the meeting.

Financial support

The SIG is able to support reasonable travel expenses incurred by SIG members and for those travelling a long distance we expect to be able to cover reasonable accommodation expenses.  In the event that the total funds requested exceed the budget for the meeting, refunds for expenses will be allocated based on the distance of the attendee’s academic institution from Loughborough.

Poster presentation

A poster presentation session will be held during the meeting. We kindly invite you to take this opportunity to present your research work to the SIG community.  Poster will be displayed in Room WPT009 (the same of the meeting).

Info for speakers

Speakers can bring their presentation in a USB memory stick (either pptx or pdf format). Alternatively, they can connect their laptop to the projection system via HDMI or VGA port.

Meeting Schedule (Tentative)

The welcome reception will start at 9:45. The meeting will start at 10:15 and will end at 17:00. A tentative meeting schedule is shown below.


For further information, please contact the event organisers.